Find an Accredited Micro-Provider – Brokerage Tool

This simple and easy to use tool will help you find local support in Somerset by matching you with an Accredited Micro-provider. Micro-providers are local people who offer a range of care and support services to help people at home or in the community.

We currently have over 1100 Micro-providers located all over Somerset, so the choice can be overwhelming. This digital matchmaking service will create a bespoke list to help you find your perfect Accredited Micro-provider.

How it works

  • You will be directed to an online form and asked a few questions to determine if a Micro-Provider is the right option for you
  • You will be asked what type of care or support service you are looking for, in which area of Somerset that care or support will be delivered and if any specific skills or qualities are required.
  • Once submitted the job opportunity details will automatically be sent to Somerset County Councils Accredited Micro-Providers. None of your personal information is shared. They will view the care/support request and if they match the experience or service type requested and have availability they will answer ‘YES’.
  • Once their interest is registered, an automated email is generated and sent to you with that Micro-providers service description and contact details. You can then make the choice to call them for further discussions about the role.
  • Your job opportunity will run within the Brokerage Tool for three days and at the end of the third day, a summary list of all the Micro-Providers who responded ‘YES’ will be sent to you.

To find your perfect Accredited Micro-Provider use the link below.

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