Support for carers in Somerset - Overview

Emergency contact numbers

Emergency contact numbers here

Help in Crisis ServicePlease find information about this service here

Are you a carer?

You are a carer if you give up your time without pay, to look after a family member, a friend, or a neighbour who is ill, frail or has a disability. Many people don’t realise they are a carer.

A parent carer is somebody that looks after a child of their own who has a disability, chronic illness or behavioural difficulties.

A young carer is somebody who is under 18 years old who looks after a family member, friend or neighbour.

Carers can also care for an older person, someone with physical disabilities, sensory loss, learning disabilities, long-term illness, substance misuse or mental health problems.

What are the benefits of a “Carers Assessment” and what does it entail?

You can choose to have an assessment in your own right, or jointly with the person you care for. The assessment is carried out by a social care worker from the County Council. It allows you to talk about your needs and the things you think could make caring easier for you.

Find information about carers assessments, how to apply and for contact details here

Caring for your own health and wellbeing

To care for your family member, friend or neighbour, you need to look after your own health and wellbeing. There are a number of ways you can do this and there is lots of help available. Find more information here.

Financial support for carers

There are a range of benefits, tax credits and other financial support that you may be able to receive as a carer. Find more information here.

Support services for carers in Somerset

Working together these organisations are here for you, providing comprehensive information and support: