Carer assessments

A carers assessment is about:

  • Talking about your needs, what you find difficult and what might help you
  • Planning what might help you

Before your assessment you might find it helpful to think about:

  • How you get on with the people you care for and others in your life
  • Your free time
  • Your health
  • Your education and work
  • Whether the person you’re caring for is getting enough help
  • What could make things easier for you

You can choose to have an assessment on your own, or with the person you care for.

Your assessment is carried out by a social care worker from the County Council.

After your carers assessment, your social care worker may be able to give you advice and information.

If you are eligible the council may be able to help you pay for some of the things you need.

You can ask for a carers assessment by calling:

0300 123 2224.

Or if the person you care for has a mental health problem you can call:

01749 836606 or 01749 836633