Walking and mobility aids

If you find it hard to get around your home, you may find a walking stick or frame useful. Please search for providers of these items in our Community Directory.

People who have a permanent condition preventing their mobility can get manual or powered wheelchairs. See our wheelchairs section below for more information.

Occupational therapists can carry out an assessment and give you advice and information. For example, if you are not able to walk in or out of your home easily, the assessment may suggest that a ramp is the best thing to help you. But if you buy a scooter or wheelchair yourself, you will be expected to buy your own ramp if you need one.

You can find more information to help you on these webpages.

If you want to hire a wheelchair for temporary use, please contact the British Red Cross.

If you need a wheelchair for longer, or have a permanent condition preventing your mobility, please talk with your doctor.


Long-term loans are for people who need a wheelchair most of the time. Short-term loans are assessed by an occupational therapist from NHS Somerset, and are for three months or less.

You can also find more information using the links below.