Who are key workers?

Key workers are people who work in:

Health and social care, Education and childcare, Key public services, local and national government, public safety and national security, transport, utilities and financial services.

Information and useful resources from trusted sources – for Key Workers

Government guidance for schools, childcare providers, colleges and Local Authorities in England on maintaining education provision

Government guidance on personal protective equipment (PPE)

Guidance for clinicians and NHS managers working in healthcare

Information about how to protect people, in supported living and care homes

Information about how to protect extremely vulnerable people (shielding)

Guidance for NHS health professionals

Visiting healthcare inpatients settings – NHS Guidance

Information and useful resources from trusted sources – for employers of adult social care staff

Government guidance on the health and wellbeing of the adult social care work force

Support The Workers

“The “Support The Workers” collective is an international group of experts in disaster response, crisis psychology, high pressure decision-making and human performance and health under conditions of extreme stress. They were tasked by those involved in responding to the covid-19 pandemic in the UK to develop a rapid evidence-based training and support curriculum for staff providing psychosocial support to frontline workers.

This work was specifically targeted at psychologists in the NHS (and those being drafted in to provide cover) to help them prepare to work under challenging conditions and equip them with the most up to date evidence-based materials on the behavioural and psychological topics relevant to the virus outbreak. We are sharing the materials we have produced in case they are useful to others in the UK and around the world”

Dr. Natham Smith – Co ordinator

More information here

A beautiful thank you to our NHS

Love for the People – “Angel by my side”

Mind and body connection – improving care

Kings Health Partners have produced a short animation that clearly explains how important it is that we recognise and understand how the mind and body are connected.

Latest national and local advice and information