Care and support for people with learning disabilities

We want all Somerset residence to be able to have equal access to mainstream support in their local community, and tailored assistance to support where they need it. Eligibility for services is determined though a care and support assessment.

The Council uses national rules to work out if you are eligible for help with paying for any care and support you need.

There are two sets of rules; care eligibility and financial eligibility.

Care eligibility

This is based on identifying how your needs affect your wellbeing. You can find more information on the Care and Support Assessment webpage

Financial eligibility

If you are eligible, following a care and support assessment, the Council will complete a financial assessment. Please see the Financial assessment page on the Council website for more information.

If they can help you with the cost of care, you may be asked to make a contribution. There may be things you want to do that they can’t pay for.

Whether the Council contributes to the costs of your care or not, they will always provide help and advice or direct you to someone else who can help.

If you are eligible, you will be given a Personal Budget. You can choose to have your personal budget as a Direct Payment so that you can choose some or all of your services yourself.

Services include supported living, the Shared Lives Scheme, short breaks, domiciliary care, day services and support for work.

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