Most people want to remain in control of their lives, to stay independent and have the opportunity to make their own choices if they need care and support.

‘Care’ describes any service that helps you with your personal care, for example, helping you to get up, washed and dressed in the morning.

‘Support’ is anything provided to you that doesn’t include personal care, for example, domestic cleaning, shopping and attending community groups.

Some people need a mixture of care and support, and a wide choice of people or organisations could provide them.

Many people, who in the past have had a package of care to support them, are now often finding different ways to get the help they need. This website will help you find the right information and services so that you can make your own choices.

You may have heard people talking about ‘Reablement’. Reablement means – giving people the opportunity, motivation and confidence to regain some of the skills they may have lost because of poor health, disability, impairment or accident. Service providers are all working towards helping you regain those skills.

Day time care and support

Day time care and support can be a variety of activities designed to help people with a care need who live in their own home but who need help to get out and about.

Activities can be run in the community, anywhere from a local residential or nursing care home, to an activity group in a local hall or housing scheme.

Care and support is provided in a way that encourages and enables people to remain as active as possible in a social environment.

There are also many day time activities that allow carers to have a break.

Check with your local care homes and care agencies to see if they run this service, or, if you qualify, your social care worker can book the service for you, or you can book it yourself if you have a Direct Payment.

This service does not include an overnight stay.

You can find more information about Nursing and Residental Homes on the Somerset County Council website.