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Find information about personal budgets here

If you are eligible for financial support from the County Council to help meet your care needs, a personal budget is money allocated to you so that you can achieve the things agreed in your care and support plan.

The Council will also talk to you about your finances to see what, if anything, you should contribute towards your personal budget.

Your care and support plan

The Council will talk with you about the things you would like to achieve to help you to be as independent as possible. These are written into your care and support plan. The plan lists the things you will arrange yourself, or ask someone to do for you. It also lists any money, services or equipment the Council has agreed to provide for you.

There are two ways you can choose to manage your personal budget.

Direct Payment

The Council gives you your personal budget to manage yourself, so that you can make your own support arrangements, but it must be used to achieve the things written in your care and support plan.

If you choose this option, the money will be given to you as a Direct Payment. Please read information sheet C3 – Direct Payments guidance.

Local authority managed budget

You can ask the Council to hold your personal budget for you and ask them to arrange the care and support you need.

You may also decide to have a mixture of both options.

You can find more information on the Personal Budgets and Direct Payment pages on the Council’s website.