How can a Health Connector help you?

They can help you in a number of ways. They can work with you on a one to one basis –listen to what is important to you and work with you on issues that you feel are areas that you would like support with. They can link you with services and organisations, help you manage long term conditions, help you meet new people, join groups or set goals that might improve your health and wellbeing. Health Connectors can also help you set up new groups if it is needed in your area. As well as linking you to groups/services Health Connectors also run groups such as Talking Cafes, Pain Management Programmes and On Track Goal Setting Groups.

Where are Health Connectors based?

Health Connectors are based in all the GP practices in Mendip, they see people in GP practices or at home if you are housebound.

More information – Mendip Health Connectors

Phone: 01373 468368


Website: Information about Health Connectors in Mendip

This website also includes a very useful directory that can help you to find groups and support in the community that might help you improve your health and wellbeing?