Village Agents

Village Agents are trusted, well trained and knowledgeable individuals who are employed by the Community Council for Somerset (CCS).

How can a Village Agent help you?

Village Agents help you to find what you need in your local community, things that can help you remain independent and connected to others.

Village Agents work with people of all ages dealing with a wide variety of issues. A considerable number of their clients are older people and involve social care issues. Helping older people to solve these matters, can help them to remain living independently for longer.

How else do Village Agents help?

Village Agents also have the role of helping to shape services by feeding back to the appropriate body information about gaps in service e.g. transport provision. They can also motivate and support a community to respond to a local need by working together to address issues e.g. by helping them to set up a coffee morning for a group of lonely people or start a volunteer car scheme. Please see our agent map for details of our agents working across Somerset.

Find a Village Agent near you

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