Part of leading an independent life at home is being able to get out and about when you need to.

For some people this is being able to get to the shops easily, going to the doctor’s, visiting the library, or meeting up with friends. It could also be going to community support groups, memory cafés, or lunch clubs.

Many of these support groups and activities, and how to get to them, are listed in our Community Directory

You may be a disabled driver or passenger who needs to be able to park close to shops or other facilities. You could be eligible for a blue badge. You can find out more in this section.

Volunteer drivers can help to get some people to the places they need to visit.

Information and advice in this section

  • Public transport
  • Blue badge
  • Mobility scheme
  • Day centres and luncheon clubs
  • Volunteering
  • Leisure activities
  • Friends groups in libraries

You can find more information on the Somerset County Council site and the websites below.

Day centres and luncheon clubs

Day time care and support can be a made up of a variety of activities, designed to help people who live in their own home but who need help to get out and about, and it can allow carers to have a break.

Activities are often run in the community, from a local residential or nursing care home, to an activity group in a local hall or housing scheme.

Care and support is available in a way that encourages and enables people to remain as independent as possible by helping them to maintain and improve their wellbeing.

There are luncheon clubs in Somerset which provide a nutritious meal at good value, as well as providing companionship and the chance to meet up with other people.

Search our Community Directory to find out what events and activities are taking place in your area.

Friendship groups and libraries

Friends groups make an important contribution to supporting libraries in Somerset communities.

Their support helps the library service provide access to resources and information, encourages reading, improves literacy, and contributes to learning, health and wellbeing, and creative opportunities.

They support activities, such as fundraising activities, activities in the library and recruiting volunteers.

The Library Service can support and provide advice about setting up and establishing a friends group.

There is more information about friends groups on the Libraries page of the County Council website.

For more information about setting up a friends group, please speak to staff at your local library, phone 0300 123 2224 or email


Volunteering can be a satisfying, fulfilling and enjoyable experience.

There are opportunities available for volunteers of all ages throughout Somerset.

From supporting people with learning disabilities to helping young families in getset centres or driving people to health appointments – there’s loads of opportunities for you to get involved in your local community.

Volunteering is great for your community and is beneficial for people of all ages. Volunteering can:

  • Open up career opportunities as you gain new skills
  • Provide you with valuable experience which enhances your CV
  • Help adjustment from work to retirement
  • Bring a great sense of personal achievement and self-worth by contributing to the community

For further volunteering opportunities throughout Somerset visit

Your local volunteer centre can also provide information on volunteering opportunities in your local area:

Other Somerset County Council opportunities can also be viewed via: