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Hello There I am a Mature experienced Carer with a lovely growing family! If you suffer with Dementia and or are elderly we will get on great. I seem to have an affinity with both and a gift of understanding and empathy which really supports the loss of cognitive abilty but isnt limited to that either. You may simply need a bit off help at home with a few things and I can do light housework, put washing on and ironing , help you get washed and dressed in the mornings and remind you of things like appointments , when the rubbish day is or where you left the remote! Everyday things that sometimes elude the best of us . . . . I would love to help you or your loved one. Perhaps you ARE the main Carer and you need a break. . . . I offer a sitting service too so you can go out or lie down or go skydiving if you want . . . just so you get a bit of time to yourself. Call me between 6-7pm weekdays or sundays from 1pm to 5pm for an informal chat about your needs.

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