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Mendip Respite & Home Care is a care service specialising in providing nurse-led respite care to a client in the clients’ own home. The term ‘respite care’ in this context means providing relief for the usual care giver from their caring role. Respite Care may be offered for short or long term placements, on a one off or regular basis, It may take place during the day, evening or night or a combination of all with 24 hour at home care provided. Respite Care can also be provided in times when the client needs additional care, such as following a hospital stay for illness, injury or an operation. Respite Care may be on a planned or unplanned basis. With planned respite, dates can be booked in advance. Unplanned respite is usually provided in response to an emergency situation, such as the usual caregiver unable to provide support. Unlike most care providers, we understand that caring for a person in their own home does not happen in isolation and we provide support around household management tasks such as personal administration, pet care and living a life around what matters to you. Types of Care All care provided is assessed on both the needs and the wishes of the client. The following is a list of support that can be provided, but is by no means exhaustive. At Mendip Respite Home & Care we work hard to ensure that what matters to you is incorporated into your package of care & household management. Support with personal hygiene such as washing, showering, dressing, oral hygiene, shaving, hair and make up Delegated health tasks such as diabetes management and insulin administration, stoma management, epilepsy management Support with continence issues Shopping Support with mobility issues Meal planning and preparation Pet care including trips to vet Light domestic duties including bed making and house plant care Collection and administration of medications including pain management Assistance to participate in chosen activities such as walking, trips out, swimming, choir, library, theatre, tea rooms Assistance to attend social events Personal administration tasks such as bill management GP liaison Maintaining personal hobbies and reading out loud Learning new skills such as how to use the internet as a support tool Laundry Liaising with tradespersons Companionship & Peace of Mind Who we can provide care for Adults aged 18 and above with physical, mental health and emotional issues; people living with Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, mobility issues, acquired brain injury, learning disabilities, the effects of a stroke and artificial feeding . People who are frail due to illness or age Specialist dementia support for people living with Alzheimer’s Disease, Lewy Bodies, Mixed type dementia & Vascular Dementia. We can provide enhanced support for people living with early onset dementia. We may be able to offer support to couples living together, depending on assessed need. Respite Home Care Stages Initial Assessment. Following an enquiry from a client or their representative, some primary information will be requested over the phone. This allows us to provide an initial response as to whether we are likely to be able to provide the care required. Possible dates will be discussed at this stage to ensure staff availability. If both parties are in agreement, dates will be agreed in principle. An approximate quotation for service cost can also be provided at this stage. Assessment in detail. It is usually necessary to meet the client and their representative to take a comprehensive assessment of their needs and what services will or will not be required during the respite care period. This will ideally be in the client’s home, but may be in hospital or other place as necessary. Part of the process will look at ensuring home facilities provided for the incoming care practitioner are adequate. This will usually include a minimum of a private bedroom. The assessment is usually carried out by the practitioner who will be providing the respite care, so it is an ideal time to ask any questions you may have and ensure you are comfortable with that person. A written quotation based on assessed need and agreed level of service will be provided to the client and/or their representative for approval. Once the fee quotation has been agreed in writing by all parties, a full plan of care will be provided for the client and/or their representative to agree. A written contract will be provided to the client/representative to agree, sign and return to Mendip Respite Home Care. Period of Respite Care takes place in clients own home as planned. Evaluation of Care services will be requested from client/representative to enable Mendip Respite Home Care to constantly strive to improve their service. Paying For Respite Care The clients local authority or social worker will be able to provide details of potential funding sources for respite care. Funding sources may include’ direct payments, ’ whereby the client or their representative is given a budget by the local authority to organise and pay for their own care services. This is often preferable if the client wishes to have control over who is chosen to provide the care, and what type of care is preferable. Clients with complex healthcare needs that require significant input may qualify for Continuing Healthcare Funding from the NHS. At times, additional services may be required and these will require the client or their representative to pay additional costs from their own resources. Where State funded healthcare is means tested, the value of any property owned by the client is NOT included in the capital balance. This can make home care a more affordable option than nursing home care, for example. If the client is not eligible for financial support, they are very welcome to finance respite care through their own private sources. Through assessment, clients will be graded as requiring low, medium or high dependency care requirements. The fee payable will reflect this level of need. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mendip Respite Home Care pledges to be clear about costs upfront. No additional payments will be charged unless agreed in writing by the client. This would only happen when extra services are provided for example if an extension to the duration of the contract is requested and is able to be facilitated. We do not charge VAT. Invoices for care fees are produced weekly. Payment terms are strictly within seven days. Payment is accepted via personal cheque, BACS bank direct, or by standing order. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I set up Mendip Respite Home Care for a number of key reasons. Firstly, having worked as a care home manager and a registered nurse for many decades I strongly believe care homes are not the future. What people want when they are ill is to remain in the place that makes them feel the safest and most secure. For most of us that is our own home. In particular, as a dementia specialist, I have seen first hand how care homes do not best meet the needs of those with cognitive challenges. Even though many are designed at the forefront of dementia science, some obstacles remain a struggle to overcome. People living with dementia will struggle with a new environment, struggle with lots of other people who may be invading their personal space and upsetting them and and the lack of staff time to support them. Care homes simply cannot provide the same level of one to one care that our care practitioners can. Families really struggle placing their loved one into a care home, even if it is for a short period of respite. However, their own lives still need to be led and a care option may still need to be found. Facilitating care in their own home is far better. I also felt there was a better way than the standardised practices of care agencies. Typically sending in a variety of different staff at varying times. Our service uses just one care practitioner for the whole stay where possible, allowing trust to build. No waiting around all morning for an agency carer to turn up within their four hour ‘slot. ’ There is no doubt in my mind that one to one home care is the best possible care option for people with dementia and other health conditions, particularly respite home care that allows regular family carers vital time off. For this reason I have dedicated myself to the provision of the best possible home care service in the Mendip area of Somerset and surrounding counties. Now that should be the aspirational future of care. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the options. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Amanda Rae Davidson Proprietor Mendip Respite & Home Care

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