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We are a new home care community micro enterprise based in Shepton Mallet, Somerset and we support older people with physical and/or mental health needs in their own home and in the community. We are a member of the United Kingdom Care Home Association (UKHCA) and we are currently in the process of registering with the Care Quality Commission. Here at Tailored Homecare Support we recognize that you are an individual with your own individual needs and preferences & being a very small service means that we can get to know each person who we work with really well. We recognize too, that you may need support that goes beyond personal care needs so that you can carry on living the full and active life you have always been used to. We very much believe that just because a person is getting older, this doesn't mean that they can't continue to live life to the full and do the things they enjoy doing, and that this is very much possible with a few changes to their daily or weekly routine. These changes may involve accepting a little support rather than being solely self-reliant, and we are very sensitive to this not being an easy thing to do when you have been independent for so long. One of the things we strive to do is to ensure that, apart from carer sickness and holidays, you will always have the same carer, so you will not be opening your door to someone different at every visit. We believe that this continuity is absolutely essential to high quality home care and to building a trusting relationship between you and your carer. We will also work together with you and your family, along with any professionals that may be involved such as a social worker or community mental health nurse, to develop your own individually tailored support plan which will be designed with you to maximize your choices, your control and your dignity. It is our aim to enable you to remain healthy, safe and well in your own home, supporting you in undertaking your day to day activities such as general housework, cooking, laundry, changing your bed & anything which will help in making your daily life a little easier. We can also support you in whatever ways you like in enjoying life outside your home in your community and beyond. This might be going shopping, attending church activities, visiting places of interest, walking, visiting coffee / tea shops, going to the seaside and having fish and chips for lunch, or even venturing out and trying something new. It's basically about you being able to enjoy any activities which you have always enjoyed, or new ones, with a little reassurance and support from someone else so that you are able to continue living your life to the full. Please do get in touch for a friendly no obligation chat if you would like to find out more.

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